These questions may help you if you're stuck or want help with using North Lanarkshire Funding Search.

What is North Lanarkshire Funding Search?

North Lanarkshire Funding Search is a collaboration between North Lanarkshire Council and SCVO's Funding Scotland to provide high quality funding information to third sector organisations in the North Lanarkshire Council are. We welcome feedback so please send any comments or ideas to northlanarkshire.fundingscotland@scvo.org.uk

Is North Lanarkshire Funding Search the right funding search for me?

North Lanarkshire Funding Search lists local North Lanarkshire funds as well as Scottish, UK and overseas opportunities. If your project or organisation is based elsewhere in Scotland then you'd be better to try the Funding Scotland search. For elsewhere in the UK try Funding Central for England, WCVA for Wales and GrantTracker for Northern Ireland. North Lanarkshire Funding Search does not include funding opportunities for individuals or private businesses.

How do I sign up to the mailing list and what will I get?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe in the My Account area of the User menu. If you subscribe we will email you regular funding updates and occasional invitations to help us with feedback about the service.

How often is North Lanarkshire Funding Seach updated?

North Lanarkshire Funding Search uses the Funding Scotland database which is updated most weekdays to ensure that the information is as up to date as possible. You can view the most recently updated funds on the search page.

I’m having trouble accessing my account, what can I do?

Please contact us at northlanarkshire.fundingscotland@scvo.org.uk or on 0800 169 0022 and we’ll be happy to help

My searches return a large number of funds, how can a make the search more relevant?

The key phrase search is very powerful and will return funds in order of relevance. However, sometimes you’ll need to use the advanced filters to refine your search.

  • Geography - with no filters selected the search will return funds that support work in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK and Internationally. The filters can help you select only local funds, eg. select North Lanarkshire to view North Lanarkshire specific funds.
  • Beneficiaries are the people or things that will benefit from the work you do. Choosing beneficiaries will refine your search further.
  • Activities are the type of work you do, such as advocacy or health and social care. Choosing activities will refine your search further.
  • Use quotes around key phrases. For example, if searching for funds for a social enterprise typing will give better results.

How do I apply for funds I’ve found on North Lanarkshire Funding Search?

You’ll need to check the applications details on the funder’s website or contact them for details.

Where can I get more help and support to make funding applications?

To get advice on making funding applications you can contact Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire on 01236 748011. They offer support in developing the skills, knowledge and capacity of local voluntary and community organisations, in relation to funding.

SCVO's Step by Step Guide to making funding applications provides a good starting point. The SCVO Training Programme also has some great opportunities for building your funding skills.

How do I save searches?

Enter your search words or phrase and/or any filters you want to use. Then click on the save icon to the right of the search box. A pop up box will appear that allows you to name the search. To retrieve a search click on the icon.

How do I save funds from a list?

Carry out a funding search. Once you've got a list of funds you can click on the star next to a fund you're interested in and save to a new or existing category. To see and print your list click on in the navigation bar and select saved funds. You'll then be able to choose and print your lists. The fund information in your list will be up to date at the time you create the pdf.

How to I get e-alerts?

Create a saved search. Click on the show saved search item to the right of the search button to see your list of saved searches. You can toggle the e-alerts on and off for each search. If it is on you’ll receive a weekly alert with changes to funds that match your search profile.

How can I add a funding opportunity to North Lanarkshire Funding Search?

We’d love to hear from you! Just contact us at northlanarkshire.fundingscotland@scvo.org.uk and we’ll get an entry arranged.

I’ve spotted a problem with a fund entry, how can I report it?

We try our best to provide accurate information but sometimes we miss things. With your help we can make North Lanarkshire Funding Search the best it can be. Contact us at northlanarkshire.fundingscotland@scvo.org.uk with the details and we’ll sort it out.